The Democrats are fielding excellent candidates at the federal, state and local levels this election. The success of these Democratic candidates at all levels, many of whom are energetic and important incumbents, has and will improve your life in Kent.

Get to know them:

Senator Chuck Schumer is a tireless and patient Democratic leader in the United States Senate who has shepherded through many important bills, including most recently the Inflation Reduction Act which brings important funding to clean energy projects and infrastructure repairs in the Hudson Valley.
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Kathy Hochul

Governor Kathy Hochul has stepped into her role as leader of our state and our state democratic party with her unfailingly fierce commitment to reproductive rights, reasonable gun control, and a livable environment for all. Her team includes Anthony Delgado for Lieutenant Governor.
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Antonio Delgado
Lt. Governor

Antonio Delgado previously represented New York’s 19th congressional district. Delgado is a Rhodes scholar and Harvard Law School graduate who is devoted to serving all the people of New York State, and to supporting the Governor in her commitment to reproductive health care for all.
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Letitia James
Attorney General, NYS

Attorney General Letitia James has been a strong presence and a brave leader of investigations into fraud and financial manipulation. Her courage in prosecuting misdeeds by even the most powerful is an inspiration for all who crave a return to decency in public life.
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Thomas DeNapoli

Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli has been a long time public servant doing a good job for New York State no matter the economic ups and downs.
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Sean Patrick Maloney
17th Congressional District

Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney is a Democratic leader in the United States Congress and has successfully directed significant funding to programs and projects that help define and develop the rural aspects of the Hudson Valley while also addressing its problems, specifically declining infrastructure and inadequate affordable housing.
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Peter Harckham
NYS Senate, District 40

Maintaining a Democratic majority in Albany is absolutely crucial now that the Supreme Court of the United States has gutted many federal protections that we all have come to rely on. The strong bills passed by incumbent State Senator Pete Harkham and other Democrats in the New York State Senate and Assembly, shield us from the crushing loss of reproductive rights under the federal constitution under the recent Dobbs decision. Harckham’s district was redrawn to include Kent, and we need to turn out and support our new terrific State Senator.
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Kathleen Valletta
NYS Assembly, 94th District

Our new candidate for New York State Assembly, Kathy Valletta, stands up for our civil rights, reasonable gun protections, and the middle class. We need her experience helping working class citizens and her sanity in Albany.
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Maureen Fleming
Putnam Legislature, District 5

Maureen Fleming served as the Supervisor of the Town of Kent for eight years; she was elected to four consecutive terms. She ran an open government that held down taxes and delivered services to her constituents. In the Putnam county legislature she would be a transparent, hard-working and devoted public servant, with a smart long term awareness of the need to protect natural resources while improving the lives of all citizens of Putnam County.
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Simon Carey
Kent Town Board

Simon Carey and his family have lived above Lake Carmel for 20 years. Simon is an active member of the Chamber of Commerce, the Kent Planning Board, the Kent Natural Resources Committee, and the Putnam County Industrial Development Agency. Simon is determined to serve our community to help preserve our natural beauty, and to improve the town's aging infrastructure by working with state and county officials to secure funding to repair causeways, roads, and dams. He is committed to helping existing businesses prosper. He will help draw new small businesses to Kent. His expertise in complex commercial construction design helps him at all this work. Simon has the experience and commitment to serve the Town of Kent.
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Yes on Ballot Proposal #1
Environment and Climate Change Projects Bond Measure (2022)

The Environmental Bond Act will bring significant resources to support the values our Town embodies: natural resource protection, clean water and clean air infrastructure repairs, outdoor recreation, and good jobs in all these areas. Vote YES on the back of your ballot.
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7 Votes for Justice
NYS Supreme Court Justice

Get to know the 2022 Democratic Candidates for New York State Supreme Court and learn about what makes them uniquely qualified to serve on our State’s highest court.

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